Friday, April 25, 2008

Yellow Bird

Now with it being spring you might think I'm talking about an actual yellow bird, but no. I'm referring to this magnolia that we planted a couple of years ago that is getting better by the day. I can't wait till its 20 feet tall and covered all over with these pale yellow flowers.

It's still only about 3 feet tall and last spring the blooms got nipped by the late hard frost, this year we wrapped it up those two cold nights last week to protect it and it's come through beautifully.

The bark of the tree is gray and the leaves a limey green, it will be a fine specimen one day.
I almost finished preparing the beds for the tomatoes today, got the rows ready, "put some happiness in those holes" as my friend Jenny would say by adding fertilizer, compost and wood ashes. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I'll get the second trellis up and get the plants in the ground. I'm planning to plant 24. Last year we had 20 and it was good, but a couple more is better, we can eat as many as we want, have some for the squirrels and plenty to make sauce with too.

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