Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bearded Iris

I've set a goal for myself to blog every day in April with something new from the garden or woods each time- we'll see if I can live up to the challenge. There is absolutely so much happening- I can't stop gazing out the windows and strolling around the yard to see what's new.
This morning the first of these bearded iris opened, they were a gift from the garden of my friend and massage therapist, Pat. They've spread and now make a nice clump on one edge of one bed, I hope one day they will be many and cast their fragrance across the yard, something I've experienced in places with big iris beds. The scent is like their color, I can't explain, not quite grape jelly, but sweet like that. You can see that crazy fringed flowered loropetalum in the background, it'll burn your retinas on a sunny day.

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