Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Rain

So we've now had almost 3 inches of rain in a single week. This is a switch, I'm glad its raining but I wish we had a better cistern and rain barrel set-up figured out. And the weeds are growing like crazy and I can't get outside to work. Despite the rain- the view out the kitchen window this morning was marvelous.
A trio of pink trees. On the left a weeping redbud, in the center the "Prairie Fire" crab apple we planted last year and in the distance, the Tulip Magnolia already touted repeatedly in this blog. You can also see a magnificent Japanese maple on the right- bright lime green and if you look closely you can see the terracotta nest pot that's been taken over by chickadees. Also you can see the tulips and daffodils scattered about.

Here is a close up of that Japanese maple in bloom last week

Here's what happens to a ripe cabbage that gets 3 inches of water in a single week. Think I'll be cooking a favorite dish for dinner; shredded cabbage with sliced apples and chicken sausage, a bit of onion and caraway, red wine vinegar and pinch of sugar, altogether in the skillet- delicious, beautiful and easy.

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Jenny said...

uh oh. I'd better take a look at my cabbage, too!!