Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day, Snow Play

Ice coating the coral bark maple and ample wood still piled high to keep us warm.  This was yesterday before the second round of snow passed by.

It's been lovely.  All whiteness and glitter.  

I know there were many that got caught out in their cars or lost power and I feel sorry for them. I was happy to get back home just as the flakes started to fly on Wednesday afternoon. We filled lots of water jugs and the bathtub too, but thankfully never lost our power.   We just hunkered down and did not go out again until this morning.   

Today the sun was bright and it was warmer and I said to David "we gotta get out there before it melts"  So we pulled on our long johns and coats, grabbed the sled and went out to explore and play. 

It was a happy valentines day to laugh and play in the snow together.  Here we are having just made several successful sled runs, the best of the day.  Nothing like rolling off the sled and sprawling in the snow to take you back to your childhood.  

The bare branches reached up above us into the clear blue sky.

I did have a close call on this too steep hill when I crashed face first into the brambles.  Fortunately, other than a few thorns in my forehead and ears, ouch, I was unscathed.  We're both complaining of a bit of soreness under the ribs from riding double decker.  Not as flexible as we were in our youth, but still determined to get out there and have some fun!

Its been a treat to be able to just be home, working on this and that, plenty of food in the house and not worry about having to go anywhere.

Tomorrow I am heading to the coast with my brother Chris to try and see the snowy owls on Ocracoke, hopefully the weather will cooperate.  It will be an adventure no matter what, always is with him.