Friday, April 11, 2008

Pollen, Pollen Everywhere

The world turned yellow this week when the pine trees started to shed their pollen, the windshield is covered every time I go to the car, my shoes are covered when I come in from a walk. It was so hot today and I REALLY wanted to open the windows but don't dare, the house is dusty enough already with out another 1/8 inch of pollen added to everything. Every vessel of water has a yellow scum on it and the pond looks like old mustard. When I washed the greens the other day I wondered if ingesting pollen on things we eat might make us less likely to be allergic, maybe sort of a homeopathic remedy? everything I pick has a lovely yellow haze across it, hopefully it will rain tomorrow and wash some of it down.

My dearest Jenny came today and helped me finish weeding, thinning and mulching all of the spring veggies, this was no small task and it was hot in the sun. Thank-you sweet pea, you made it bearable. Everything looks oh so happy now all dressed in a layer of dark brown leaf mulch- it really sets off the greens of the spinach, onions, lettuce etc. I'll make a picture tomorrow perhaps, too tired today.

I spotted this little guy down at the creek when I went for a walk late this afternoon- it looks like he has the pine needle in his mouth but I think he is actually resting his chin on it. Good to see the water still swirling down the creek.

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Jenny said...

Maria, you were very right not to open your windows despite the heat. When I got into my car, the entire inside was coated liberally with the pollen. The pants I was wearing are still just drenched in it. Drenched isn't the right word, but you know what I mean.

I got burned today. Not badly, just this spot on my left shoulder where I apparently didn't reach.

Today was fabulous...