Monday, April 28, 2008


We've been having the most incredible rain- its been raining for 24 hours! Mostly slow and steady but there have been a few downpours. When I checked the rain gauge this afternoon it was at 1.4 inches, but then it started up again, so might have gotten another 1/4 inch or more. Yippee.

I'm so glad I took this picture of my lilac yesterday morning before the rains came, it's now completely weighted down from the water to the point I was afraid the branches might break. It is decadently fragrant and just luscious in the number of blooms it bears- I hope it bounces back tomorrow when the sun comes out.

Up close. I wish you could smell it.


Megrnc said...

So I'm glad to see someone growing lilac around here. I bought two last year. Do you think I should plant them in part shade, and where they get morning sunlight instead of afternoon sun? I'm so worried about them just cooking out there.

Garden Girl said...

Hi megrnc-
My lilac is a Miss Kim, it's planted on the northwest corner of my house so it gets sun about half day. This one was planted about 8 years ago and its grown beautifully and has this wonderful vase-like habit.
There are other varieties that also seem to do well in our climate, Camellia Forest carries several - check them out at
Good luck with yours