Sunday, April 6, 2008

Late night sleepy post

Well I promised a post-a-day in April- so even though I'm sleepy, here comes a quickie. It was cloudy and cool again today and we got another 1/2 an inch of rain last night! The potatoes are sprouting and all of my spring seedlings need to be weeded, thinned and mulched. The tomatoes desperately need to be stepped up to larger pots as they are bumping into the grow lights and getting scraggly- they need more space, light and nutrients. If I have any energy left after my shift at Camellia Forest tomorrow I must tend to them.

The asparagus are beginning to come on nicely and we're picking a good handful daily now, if it warms up they'll be flying out of the ground. Dinner tonight was a frittata of fresh asparagus, green onions, spinach and chard all from the garden, made with those good CH creamery eggs we love so well. Feta cheese and some mushrooms too- from the store not locally made/grown, ah well, can't have every single thing local every time.

OK- I've done it, a post for the day. I leave you with the frilly loropetalum, up close and shocking- to brighten up another cloudy day. I'm off to dreamland.

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