Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poppies and Daisies

My energy for the daily blog seems to be waning a bit, in fact my energy in general is waning. I've been working pretty hard at all my jobs and in the garden and have been just plain tired of late. But I still wanted you to see the sight that made me smile as I stood at the kitchen sink rinsing out my coffee pot this morning.

The daisies haven't peaked yet, but the view of this big patch of them, with the blue and purple columbines and the orange poppies dotting the green and white background of daisies was so lovely, I had to run out there and snap a few shots to share. Daisies are a nuisance, they spread like wild and we pull the seedlings up by the handfuls every summer. But I keep them in the garden because they add bloom between the early flowers and the peonies and I find them cheerful. The columbines and poppies are perfect because while they "seed around" as my father used to say, they don't do it in droves, so they're manageable in the flower beds. The other fun thing about the columbines is that they cross, so we have purple and blue and plum and pink and some have the long spurs like these and others are frillier like the ones I posted a few days ago.

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