Monday, April 14, 2008

Nesting Warblers Return

Oh my- I was gone most of the day working at CF so have no photo and not much to tell. It was a beautiful morning and walking over there was delightful, the sun was bright and the birds were starting to sing. But by midday the weather turned awful, rainy, the temp dropped from 57 to 47 between about 12 and 4. We were ready to get out of there after the UPS truck showed up to haul off the close to 30 boxes of plants we packed up today.

The rain is good, but I'm looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow- hope it comes.

My bro said today he saw all of the 7 warblers that nest on our land, back for another season. The Pine Warbler, here all year, Louisiana Waterthrush, the first to return, Yellow-Throated, Common Yellow Throat, Ovenbird, Northern Parula and Hooded all showed up in the past week or two. The Prairie Warbler nests on neighboring land where a clear cut was made a couple of years ago. It is the last to return and we haven't heard its rising stair step twitter yet.

In the next few weeks we'll eagerly don our binoculars and head out on early mornings to see what we can spot passing through- I'll get distracted from tasks outside by a call from the forest and grab my binoculars to try and hunt down the new comer who may be a stranger. The list on my front page shows all the things we've seen regularly in migration, its a pretty good list and I look forward to possibly adding something new.

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