Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool Part II

OK- I know I just did a post but I was sitting there eating my lunch, (egg salad made from the freshest most delicious eggs compliments of my dairy farming neighbors), and I couldn't help but take a photo of this vase of tulips and daffodils. This little white daffodil with the split corona of pale yellow and white may be my favorite of the close to 20 varieties that we have planted around our place, its gently nodding flower head is so graceful.

I'm not sure if its spring fever or just procrastination. My writing group meets tonight and I haven't got a thing other than these blog posts to show, I've got to get cracking on something more substantial, perhaps a piece on spring fever? Being the April fool?

Meanwhile, yellow swallowtail butterflies are flitting about the yard, the sun is toying with the idea of actually shining for the first time in several days, but I've got to glue myself to this seat, drink the after-lunch cappuccino I've treated myself to and get serious!

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