Saturday, April 12, 2008

Carrboro Ramble

I went to the Carrboro Farmers Market today for the first time this season. It was bursting with produce and people. I didn't buy anything, mainly went to say hi to my brother Alex and of course saw 5 million people I know- which is the good and bad thing about going to market. If you are in a hurry it's bad, if you have all morning-its delightful. I hadn't really planned to spend all morning there but did anyway- it was nice.
Starved, I wandered over to the newly opened Neil's Deli next to Open Eye Cafe and scored a Porchetta sandwich, tender, slightly smokey pork shoulder stuffed with garlic and herbs on olive-oiled bread- with a fennel and celery salad on the side- this place rocks- brand new and booming- check it out. Good thing I only ate half of it (saved half to bring home for the honey) because...
I then went over to the New Years celebration of the people of Burma at Carrboro Elementary School. In the cafeteria they were serving amazing food; a soup with quail eggs and small onions floating in it, a red curry pork dish, mountains of white rice, sweet and spicy cabbage, sweet lo mein noodles, a fishy soup garnished with raw green beans and fried corn kernels, the only thing I couldn't handle was something very dark brown and crunchy that was super salty, crunchy, fishy, spicy- too intense, fruit and ice cream for dessert.

Have you ever seen such curly writing?

In the auditorium groups of young girls danced on stage. Dressed in traditional costumes they used the angled arm movements familiar from various Asian and eastern traditions, while dancing to Asian pop music. The people in the audience sat in rapt attention to the activity on stage, young men lingered near the doorway and on the fringes. There was lots of smoking going on outside the building, I decided they couldn't read the signs posted everywhere stating it was a tobacco free campus, hopefully someone will police the grounds for ciggy butts before they leave today.

This little one had a piece of long white fabric at her feet and she kicked it up as she danced

Everyone was very welcoming, warm and friendly. I spoke to one man I thought I knew but didn't, we then engaged in a long conversation. Later I spoke to a man I did know but he didn't think he knew me and didn't speak much English- so we engaged an interpreter. It was an eye opening and beautiful experience and I was glad to be able to take part in it.

Now I'm sitting here blogging when I should be working- so ta-ta for now.

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