Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tomatoes are Planted!

It's been raining all evening, a lovely slow gentle rain, just what we needed. The windows are open and the sound of the rain is soothing. I finally got the tomatoes planted, finished just as the rain started to come down, perfect timing. I put in 3-4 plants of several varieties, Big Beef, Cherokee Purple, Mrs. Benson, Bolsano, Celebrity, Tuscany and Amish paste. I still need to plant the red and sungold cherries, thinking of growing them on the fence by the lawn where we can pick and eat them as we play croquet.

Here are all my tomato babies, I started them from seeds around March 8th, grew them under lights for about a month, then moved them to larger pots and put them out on the deck to harden off and get strong. I have about 50 but only room for 25, I'll give the leftovers to my family, neighbors and friends.

Went on a bird walk this morning with my brother but there wasn't anything too exciting, they were singing but hard to see and the exciting migrants just haven't started passing through yet.

One more garden delight, a Siberian iris that opened yesterday for the first time. Got this one from my Papa's garden.

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