Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lizard Land

The lizards are back- they've been showing up over the past few weeks, finally slipping back out of hibernation to enjoy a little sunshine and eat a few bugs. Mr. D. caught this shot of one the other evening, looking ever so much like a lapel pin, sitting on our Mrs. Fox statue. She seems to be demurely checking him out- but then she tends to maintain this demure look most of the time.

This afternoon thousands of termites took flight from the railroad ties that line our front promenade and we watched as a reddish lizard - I think a Broadhead Skink - sat eating them as fast as they could fly out of one of the holes. When he got full he did a few push ups, as if to say, "these are my bugs, I'm the man, get back all you other lizards."

Lizards really like our railroad ties. They have lots of cracks and crevices where they can hide and the ties get really warm in the sun, two things a lizard can really love. So far I have only seen the fence lizards and the red ones, no 5-lined blue tailed skinks as of yet. But as the weather warms, they will be swarming over that stairway out there, like the termites were swarming into the air today.

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