Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Possible Freeze Tonight

It figures. With our last spring frost date being April 15th that we might actually get a frost tonight. It worries me, things are so far along already.

I'm especially concerned about this lovely little Japanese maple that tends to leaf out very early. It got seriously nipped in the late freeze we had last spring and I hate to see it happen again. I've wrapped the little baby in remay fabric and hope it will do the job.

This tree is really special to us. Mr. D. dug it from my fathers garden after my father died. He did it lovingly and with great care, taking up as much of the root as possible. The poor tree had been battered and munched by deer and had no soil under it, its roots were fairly well established, but spread wide rather than deep.

When we set it in this place in the ground we put some of my fathers ashes underneath to give it a good start and help us to remember him even more by this planting. I don't know what type of maple it is, but it won't ever get any taller than this, it will only spread its canopy of small red edged leaves wider and wider over the years. In summer it turns a deep green and in autumn, red. Now, in the spring, it is its most beautiful; the leaves start out yellowish with red edges and slowly go green.


Jenny said...

I'm crossing fingers and toes for you. Have your bluebs (blueberries, in Stew parlance) blossomed yet? I'd be worried about them, too. OH! And your peach tree! You do have a peach tree, right? Or am I mis-remembering?

Garden Girl said...

Yes the blueberries are blooming and the peach already finished blooming- nothing to do but hope