Saturday, April 26, 2008

First Leeks

We harvested our first 3 leeks tonight and cooked them up with this colorful "bright lights" hybrid, rainbow stemmed Swiss chard. Italian sausage, Montesio cheese and orechiette pasta rounded out the dish , a tasty way to end a day of hard work.
D. passed several hours with the chainsaw tidying up some areas and trails along our small creek. He was battling the cat brier, a noxious vine that grows into the trees , smothering them and eventually pulling them down. The tough green vine sports vicious thorns that I think have poison tips, whenever I get stuck with one it hurts for days.
I spent most of the day working at a family fun and health fair. It was toasty standing in the sun for hours and wore me out. As soon as I finished I went to the Y and threw myself into the pool, then headed home for lunch and a nap. My body isn't used to the heat yet.
Tonight I opened the house up wide, hoping most of the pollen has passed, though that is probably wishful thinking. It was hot in here and I couldn't breath, it feels wonderful to have the night air wafting through the house and to hear the night sounds again. The barred owls will probably wake me in the night with their caterwauling.

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