Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ooh Wee-ain't that a purty plum colored columbine in front of that variegated iris!
It was another action packed day in the garden. I mowed the grass. Even filled in a few bare spots with some dirt and sprinkled a little grass seed around. Croquet season is upon us and our course is a bit of a disgrace. Maybe the rain over the next few days will help those seeds sprout to fill in the bald spots, otherwise it's going to be a rugged course this year.

We weeded and moved plants around and planted a few things that had been loitering in pots; one of the new camellias, a clematis, some tall pink phlox that were in the old nursery bed which is now a corner of the veggie garden, last thing to get out of there, some tall Asiatic trumpet lilies that we started from corms off the mother bulb a couple of years ago, finally big enough to plant. It's fun starting and moving plants around, one of the bonuses of perennials, they just keep multiplying.
I planted some seeds too, nasturtiums, dill, sunflowers, zinnias. It was looking mighty pretty by the time we called it a night, both of us working together out there for several hours really made a big difference. The front flower beds need weeding again already, we've got to get a trailer load of wood chip mulch to lay down or we'll be back out there weeding the whole damn thing all over again in a couple of weeks.
It was starting to rain when we were ready to take our evening tour of the garden with a glass of wine, so we grabbed umbrellas and did it anyway, wanting to admire our days work. Now I am ready for a long deep sleep, goodnight all.

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