Friday, October 30, 2009

Thinking back to a sunnier day

A few more reflections from the creek.  It was such a perfect day yesterday, this morning dawned rainy and grey again.  I keep hoping to look up and see a patch of blue but not yet. One of my most faithful readers; Carol S., is due any minute for an overnight visit from Virginia, I wanted pretty weather for her! But  it will be what it will be.  I had hoped for a jaunt to Duke Gardens...

This tree had a fallen tree that had washed down stream pressed against it, trapped, straddling the creek, caught against this trunk for several years.  It rubbed each time the water rose and wore this spot at the base, now the fallen tree has washed on down and this place has healed itself, the standing tree grows on. 

It's an awesome thing to watch the creek change season to season and year to year.  Old trees fall, clog the creek, wash away, leave big openings in the forest canopy where a thousand new seedlings sprout and vie for the patch of sunlight shining down.  Leaves carpet the dry stream bed, then sit murky under standing water, finally a big rain comes and scours it all clean, stream banks return to emerald mossand fern, creek bottom to black rock.

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