Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Begins!

I love October, and its starting out glorious. Cool crisp days and nights just right for a fire, snuggling under blankets at bedtime, the clarity of the light bringing the autumn garden into perfect focus.  I'm making a vow to try and blog every day this month and to bring something special from the garden to you with each post, because even though I'm putting some things to bed for the winter, other things are just coming into their prime.

This is Ceratostigma plumbaganoides  "Miss Wilmot"  which I got years ago from my father, its actually been blooming since mid summer but it caught my eye yesterday looking so blue in the afternoon light.  A nice small shrub, quite hardy, it dies back in winter but bloooms all summer long.

Now- its way too fine a day to fritter away sitting inside at the computer, I'm off to play outdoors!

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