Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good ol' Greens

This coming week I want to feature greens.  Here's fat crisp Bok Choy, ready to get washed and sliced into a stir fry.  The seed for a lot of my greens didn't germinate well so we've only got a few heads of this and that but all together there will be enough.  I like to grow a little of a lot of things so that I have good variety but don't use up too much space or have to deal with a lot of extra.  Especially at this time of year when I'm ready to slow down in the garden but still want to have fresh food.

We had a big work day at one of our community gardens today, it's so much nicer to tackle large jobs with lots of people.  A number of students came out from the university along with some other community volunteers and a few of our existing gardeners.  We raked a new area that was recently tilled and removed grass roots, rocks and tree roots and then sowed it all with clover to help build the soil and choke out any weeds.  In the spring we'll till it under and create 15 new plots for 15 new families!


Tiago said...

qui frô bunita mossa!

Randy Emmitt said...


Just found your blog. We are in Orange County at the northeastern edge. I didn't connect Morgan Creek until I read about Chapel Hill on your blog. Did you make it to Hillsborough's Homemade Parade yesterday? I have a posting about it on my blog

Garden Girl said...

Wanted to come to the parade but had to work, I'll check your post on it.
Thanks for writing- and you to Tiago! whatever you said- I think it's Portuguese?