Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love moonflowers.  They're easy, you have to score the plump white seeds before you plant them but because they are related to morning glories, they grow rapidly.  I put a couple of plants in this pot on the deck and they took right off, covering the rail and setting buds.  They open in the evening and bloom at night,
I took these photos first thing in the morning.

Gorgeous pink, black and white moths with 4 inch long proboscis visit the flowers in the evening, I've not seen them this season, but they are truly fantastic.

We've had an exciting flurry of migrating birds come through the yard this weekend, rose breasted grosbeak, swainsons thrush, black-throated blue, Canada and Tennessee warblers were feeding in the vegetables and dogwoods this very morning.  What a treat.


Muhammad khabbab said...

Maria, i love moon flowers and this year i started them from seed. Wonderful fragrance. Yours are very lovely. They are perennial in our climate.

Heather said...

Hi Maria- Your moon flower is beautiful! I may have to try that next year, perhaps on my new pergola!

azplantlady said...

What beautiful, large white flowers. I have not heard of them before. Thank you very much for sharing.

Mary Delle said...

I grew moonflowers a few years back. They are wonderful!! Love the flurry of migrating birds you've seen. Lucky you.

Garden Girl said...

Perennial moonflowers? They must grow all the way to the clouds!
Please do try them, they are also slightly fragrant when they first open in the evening.