Friday, October 9, 2009

Before and After

My project the past two days.  Cleared out all the winter squash, old beans and dug out the leeks, harvested the basil and made pesto, cut back the asparagus ferns, swept the paths and then turned the soil (by hand) and sowed clover seed, it's watered and ready to go. Glad to have that done.

When I harvested the basil yesterday I discovered all these caterpillars in the leaves, I think they are actually from bean beetles, but no beans left for them to eat so they jumped to the next crop. They were fairly entertaining trying to find their way out of the compost pail.

This one managed to make it over to my coffee cup.  They all went to the compost pile in the end, hopefully they won't come back to haunt us next year.


lynn'sgarden said...

Creepy crawlers making their! Great what you accomplished in the veg bed...will the clover grow through the winter and be turned over next spring? You're the first I've read to do this...really cool!

Garden Girl said...

Yes- the clover will grow over the winter- would be better to plant it a little sooner, but it should do all right. In the spring, I'll turn it under and let it break down in the soil as green manure,adding nitrogen and humus to the soil, beds I've done this in have much better soil as a result. I've only got about 8 more beds to clean out now...