Monday, October 26, 2009


Mushrooms anyone?  The thing about having lots of shitake logs, is that they tend to all come on at once, leaving you with pounds of mushrooms at a stretch.  They are delicious and given the price in the market a luxury as well.  But we're giving them away because we cannot possibly eat them all.  And well you know my freezer is full as I've been saying for weeks.  I'm pondering a cream of mushroom soup perhaps, stir fries with some of those good greens out in the garden, they are pretty tasty scrambled up with eggs too.  Any other favorite ways that you readers have of preparing shitakes?  I could use some fresh ideas.


Anonymous said...

Can you dry some of them?
Not a recipe, but I powder some of my dry shiitakes and blend with some garlic and onion powder and herbs for a nearly instant broth mix.

Garden Girl said...

I need to get a dehydrator, thats a great idea, of course the back of the car works pretty well on a warm sunny day too. Like the sound of the broth mix, thanks.

MegRNC said...

My husband and I bought a shitake log from ebay to try to grow them but we were unsuccessful. Can you suggest a local place where we might be able to get a log to start our own? We live in Durham. Thanks! Megan