Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Camellia

I know, more camellias?!  I do work at Camellia Forest so I just can't help myself.  This is Autumn Spirit, I adore the subtle white edges on the pink flower petals. This is a winning Camellia sasanqua that is a vigorous grower and another early bloomer.  A favorite.

I've got a pan of butternut squash, poblano chiles, onions and garlic roasting with cumin and chile powder, planning to add some chunks of pork that Mr.D smoked and roll it all up in tortillas, I think it'll be yummy. Now - some stretching after a long day of work.


Nell Jean said...

A body couldn't have too many camellias, could they? I once visited a lady who had bought so many camellias in five gallon nursery pots that she wasn't able plant them all, so they just sat on the ground and the roots grew through the buckets. The housekeeper showed me around, and was annoyed that the woman had done that, but the camellias were blooming happily, self-mulched under the pine trees they sat under.

Garden Girl said...

They can be remarkably tolerant of that treatment! I agree about not having too many-we have customers that have 100's! I think some of them must have tremendous properties to be able to grow so many, I'm glad I get to see them every week at work so I'm not AS compelled to bring them all home!