Monday, October 12, 2009

Rainy Day

It's been cold and rainy all day, the temperature actually dropped over the course of the afternoon and the rain got heavier too.  Not much of a day to be outside so I've got no photo for you or stories much to tell.

I want to give a shout out for my brother Alex who is featured in the Oct 7th issue of the Independent Weekly in a discussion with a couple of friends of his; local chef Amy Tornquist of Watts Grocery and sustainable farming advocate Scott Marlow of RAFI.  They are talking about a new book called Just Food: How locavores get it wrong and how we can truly eat responsibly by James E. McWilliams.  They agree with some points in the book and not with others.  Check it out here.


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Finally--I found it! I have no idea how I even figured out the name of your blog--because it isn't showing up when I visit your Blotanical plot. I did a bit of checking around and found the name of it. Then I typed the name into Google and here it is...hooray! Sorry about all of your rain. That always puts a damper (no pun intended!) on being able to get much done in the garden! Take care, and I hope you will enjoy your blogging with Blotanical. You meet SO MANY people there that it is actually overwhelming, and difficult to keep up with everyone!

Garden Girl said...

Thanks for being persistent Jan! I've just this week managed to get my blotanical login so am trying to get caught up- I'll check my plot and be sure my blog is there for the future.