Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's hard to go wrong with zinnias

The only problem is that I didn't plant enough zinnias this year.  This beauty has been blooming for a solid week and seems to just get bigger, it's about 4 inches across.  And it's blooming just outside the kitchen window so I've been enjoying it every time I stand at the sink, how lucky.

Here is an autumn bouquet I made including zinny's, mums and asters which are putting on a big show right now all around our yard.  A basket of the winter squash we grew along with a braid of garlic that I made back in July after I harvested my crop, big and beautiful.  With birds migrating through right now, the bird book and binoculars have been a regular fixture on the kitchen table.  It must be fall.

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Nell Jean said...

That single zinnia that comes up in a little bare space always shines like a jewel.

Mid-summer I like to sprinkle a few zinnia seeds in bare spaces, maybe where something else was pulled from early annuals like poppies. Little handfuls of zinnias tucked in here and there are just beautiful to me.