Friday, October 23, 2009

Garlic Planting Time

I finally got my garlic in the ground today, a couple of weeks later than I had planned but this was the first chance I've had.  Dug up a nice bed where some tomatoes had been and added compost and some fertilizer and broke apart 7 of my biggest best heads from the spring to plant about 70 cloves.  They'll snuggle down in the ground all winter and grow their green tops until they plump up into big heads that I can dig again in June.  I've still got a couple dozen bulbs left from last springs crop to get us through the winter soup and stew season.  Having a big braid of garlic in the kitchen is one of the things that makes me feel really rich.

October 23rd and we still have peppers ripening up!  I picked every single serrano about a month ago and when I looked at the plant today, I see it has about 100 new peppers on it, what will I ever do with them all?

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