Thursday, October 15, 2009

Peak at our water feature

This is one of my favorite sections of the garden, David's little sculpture I call it, right next to the kitchen door. Cannas in the back, horsetail fern with painters pallet mixed in, ferns around the water and sedums and geraniums out front.

We've tried growing clematis on this cedar snag but I think it's too wet and/or shady, the turtle came from a trip to Arizona.  There are chives and a magenta geranium.

I like the way the painters pallet grows up inside the horsetail fern, which you can see has become a bit of a problem, extremely invasive in fact and we are cosntantly ripping it out to try and keep it at bay.

And here is the tiny waterfall, now covered with mosses and ferns, falling into the pool below, nearly obscured by stones and plants, home to a large and elusive goldfish named Whitey and visited frequently by leopard frogs and tree frogs.  It makes a musical sound that can be heard from kitchen or bedroom when windows are open and outside while sitting on the patio.

I found this old cast iron bench back at an antique place and framed it in cedar to hang on this wall.  The cardinals in the magnolias spoke "southern" to me.

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