Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day Off

After busting my butt for several days straight I decided it was time for a true day off.  What does that mean, what does that look like?  I hardly ever stop completely but today I slept late, enjoyed a second cup of coffee with an english muffin filled with bacon and a farm fresh fried egg.  I puttered around the yard taking pictures, wrote for awhile, sat in the hammock and pondered life and the garden.  I went to the pool and swam for almost an hour, and then I went for a massage.  Yeah Baby.  I just finished a tasty supper with my man and I'm soon heading for the bed.  Don't be fooled, there were some chores snuck in there like laundry, cleaning the bathroom, filling the bird feeders, but nothing too strenuous.  Tomorrow I hope to get some bigger things accomplished, we'll see.  

Blissed Out


azplantlady said...

It sounds like the "perfect" day!

lynn'sgarden said...

I'd like a day like this, Maria! If I could choose just one though, I'll take the hour massage...though the bacon and egg sandwich is a close!