Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waterfall and Butterfly

I think I'm obsessing about water lately, or the lack thereof. I'm such a watery gal that I start to feel a little parched in my soul when I don't have enough around.
I don't think I really did justice to our little camping trip last month so I'm sharing here a photo of Apple Orchard Falls, off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Southern Virginia. We had hiked there last year and decided to visit again this time, it was a steep climb up but worth it to view this nice cascade and giant boulders strewn down the hillside around it.

This Comma butterfly was kind enough to land on my book as I sat there writing and stayed long enough to let me take its picture, you can see the white mark on its wing that gives it its name. I love the fact that it looks just like a dried leaf or piece of bark. Inside this butterfly is bright orange with red and brown spots, spectacular and surprising!

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Carolyn Parker said...

What a stunning visitor! Charming blog.