Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Snapping Turtle

David spotted this little guy trying to cross our road and picked him up to bring home and show me.  You can see he's a snapper even this small. He's got clay on his back, must have very recently emerged from his egg.  We took him down to the pond where we imagine he'll be happy. He's a blur leaving D's hand and heading for the water.

We'll be a blur later today heading to the beach for a week.  There we'll be running down to the water ourselves. Might post from there- might not, we'll see what happens.


Carol Henderson said...

Question: How can you tell it's a snapper? I can't. Have a blast at the beach. I know you will, Maria.

Garden Girl said...

It's because of the pointy little snout and the jagged edges of the shell that cannot close.