Thursday, September 3, 2009

Peppers on Parade

So I realize that I am on the verge of bragging about our peppers but I gotta say that this is one of the very best years we've ever had, I think between the five bell pepper plants and the two pimentos we've harvested about 30 so far. And there are at least 30 more out there.

I've been giving them to friends and piling them into everything we eat, dipped in baba ghanouj, roasted with beets, chopped into salads, sliced into stir fries, roasted and cut up into pimento cheese or marinated in olive oil. I've frozen them diced and roasted. They are such rich colors, the poblanos smell smokey and the others are crisp and sweet.


Mary A said...

Beautiful harvest! They are $.90 to $1.00 apiece at the Farmers' Market. And yours look so delectable!

I am enjoying your gardening blog.

Garden Girl said...

Thanks Mary- I went over to check your blog, glad to have a new local reader.