Monday, September 7, 2009

Walking Through Bamboo

Walking home from the nursery I walk through a huge bamboo grove, today I was thinking how fitting, after I've spent the day messing with Chinese plants, that I then have to pass through this Asian forest before re-entering the American forest.

The ground is scattered with the long and narrow leaves of the bamboo, they are creamy white and contrast sharply with the brownish red pine needles and leaves beneath them. The tall green canes create an optical effect as I walk through the grove, strobing past me, clacking in the breeze, it's a perfect place to let the hard work and events of the day fall away.

The creeks are completely dry now, only some damp spots in the low areas, all the stones and boulders exposed, no song of flowing water. I hope rain comes soon to return them to their lively state, nothing soothes me more than the sound of burbling water.

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