Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blessed Rain

We woke today to rain! I lay in the bed with a smile on my face, just listening to the wonderful sound of it. We are 8 inches behind and so any precip is desperately needed and appreciated.

It was dry during the day but it's been raining again this evening and looks like we are in for several days in a row. Perhaps the drought is breaking. Amen.

You probably have these spectacular writing spiders in your gardens too, they seem to get enormous at this time of year. If we've got one, we've got 30. There are other colorful arachnids about these days too but they are harder to get a photo of. Walking in the woods right now requires a good broad spider stick waved in front of me to keep my hair and face from filling with webs!

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Carolyn Parker said...

I just saw one in my garden the other day– thank you for reminding me– I'll take my camera out tomorrow to see if it's still there. I've certainly never had as many as 30 at once!