Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain Glorious Rain

Bean Blossom

It rained all night last night, starting in the evening and just kept on. When I went to bed it lulled me into slumber and each time I woke or stirred in the night I smiled to hear it was still coming down, slow and gentle but steady.
I went out still in my jammies this morning first thing to check the rain gauge, nine tenths of an inch- a life saver, the most we've seen in a month. Hoping for a bit more before its all over.


Carol Henderson said...

You might have to emend your column--write about how the rain finally came.

Mary Delle said...

Such a good description of the rain and your reaction to it. I could just feel myself doing that.

Garden Girl said...

Carol- that's exactly what I did!
thanks for all the good feedback and help the other night- will miss seeing you each week.

Garden Girl said...

Mary Delle- best of all it rained more yesterday too, slowly trying to come out of the drought.