Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Turkey Craw

It's the first of September and the weather has really gotten with the program for fall. Yesterday was 69 and rainy, today upper 70's dry and breezy. We usually don't get this sort of break from the heat and humidity until mid-month- but I'm happy to have the windows open again and hear the sounds of the night, was wishing for a blanket on the bed in the wee hours this morning.
These are the next in my bean-a-thon for the week. Green beans next to ready to harvest and shell ones on the vine. (Sweet potatoes in the background all lush and green.) This is the Turkey Craw, someone gave David the seeds some years back, legend stating that they had been found in the craw of a turkey. They need the whole season to make and are another Jack in the beanstalk sort of bean that will get to the top of the trellis and then make a big ole' mess of vine up on top like some crazy hairdo before they start to flower and make their beans.
We are just now harvesting them, aren't they perty? They cook up much like a pinto but a little firmer and smaller.

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