Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MCC Goes South to Mexico

I'm writing today from the zocalo in Oaxaca, Mexico, the main square in the center of the old town.  Above is my view from the table where I've been sitting for two hours watching the world go by.  The whole place is filled with these brilliant red poinseties for the Navidad.  Every few minutes someone like the lady pictured comes to my table trying to sell me some Oaxacan wares, toys, weavings, bark painting or jewelry.  I just had my first Oaxacan comida of carne asada with mole, guacamole, queso, y frijoles negroes.  Delicioso!

I'll be here for the next month studying Spanish and Oaxacan culture.  Tomorrow I'll wing my way to Puerto Escondido for a few days of sun and fun on the Pacific coast with my amiga Rachel, then return here Sunday to begin my language school.  The air is fantastic, breezy, dry and the temperature is a pleasant 75-80 degrees.

I think I'm embarking on an excellent adventure and will be posting regularly about my escapades here in the historically rich deep south of Mexico.


C. Kay said...

Yeah! Maria's in Mexico! Looking forward to following your adventures! Beautiful red poinsettias! xoxckay

Garden Girl said...

HI sweetie- thanks for reading- you can enjoy my trip vicariously!
xo m