Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puerto Escondido

I woke at the crack this morning to head for Puerto Escondido on the coast.  As the sun was rising the full moon was setting over the mountains that rim the valley of Oaxaca.

I boarded this tiny plane filled to the brim with 14 passengers.  As we flew low over the Sierra Madre the views were phenomenal.  I was very glad to be in the little plane and not in a bus, that everyone says is a real stomach turning journey of 8 hours.

To the west the mountains were shrouded with clouds, to the east, bright sun shone over first farm fields and then forested mountains.  A mere 30 minutes later we were landing at the little airport and another hour later I was sitting in a restaurant on the beach, drinking coffee, eating breakfast and watching as the fisherman came and went in their small launches.  Their technique for beaching the boats involves laying a series of small branches in the sand, gunning the engine and flying stright up onto the beach, lifting the engine at the last moment.  Quite dramatic!

Now that I'm at the beach I really feel like I'm on vacation.  Tomorrow I'll be swimming and snorkeling in the azure Pacific.


C. Kay said...

Whoa! Incredible photos, especially of the moon setting. How is the Spanish coming along? I'm sure you've been using it a lot even though you've not officially started class yet. xox

Garden Girl said...

Since I'm with Rachel we've been speaking lots of English but I'm definitely speaking lots of Spanish too, will really start to study on Monday though, this place is beautiful!