Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to the city

I had a couple more great days in Puerto Escondido including another fiesta with more women dressed in incredible embroidered dresses.

I spent more days on the beach swimming and bought some super fresh mahi mahi that I cooked up for dinner one night and also made some awesome ceviche with the tiny limes that are a dime a dozen here.  This pile of tuna was also available for purchase at a small fish market set up under some tents on the Playa Principal.

On Saturday morning a friend of Rachels took us out on his launch and we got to swim out in the deep water. We saw whales, dolphins, and lots of turtles.  Miguel grabbed one up onto the boat for closer inspection, she was angry and hissed at us but so beautful, when he let her go, she swam fast into the deep and away.

Sunday morning we went snorkeling at Playa Carazalillo, a sweet little bay just north of Puerto. Rachel and her sweetie Javier posed for a photo.

I returned yesterday to the City of Oaxaca where its cooler but noisy!  Music and bottle rockets and barking dogs till all hours, and the fiestas here are only beginning!  The sun sets on my time in Puerto Escondido and a new chapter begins.


C. Kay said...

Wonderful to follow your adventures ~ the turtle is very cool! Gorgeous picture of the bay at sunset. Rachel looks great and happy! We were commenting this morning that you've been away a week already, time flies! xoxckay
p.s. there have been Dave sightings on the property!

Garden Girl said...

I had a live skype siting of Dave today and that was wonderful. All continues well as the adventure continues and time does seem to be flying!