Monday, December 21, 2009

Mi Escuela en Oaxaca

I’ve not written yet about my school and now that I’m finished I guess its time. Its been two solid weeks of very good Spanish education at the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca. The campus is a former hacienda on the edge of the historic district, surrounded by a high wall and with tranquil courtyards and fountains that lend a peaceful air to the busy city that is just outside.

My days were filled with lessons, 7 hours of study, reading, conversing and listening in Spanish. I feel my vocabulary has expanded alog with my comprehension and speaking. I am practicing now my new knowledge of verb forms and tenses that up to now I had only read about but wasn’t really able to put into action. So its been good. But I’m glad now to have a week of free time to see and do more things I the city before I return home on Saturday. The time has flown by for sure.

This is my teacher Paty, offering me a chocolate donut. She was very patient and also offered correction continuously in a gentle manner. I am grateful to her.

This is Luis, my intercambio. A bright, 20 year old medical student, who met with me for an hour almost everyday of school and we spent half the time practicing my Spanish and half the time practicing his English. I really enjoyed him. To his left is the pinata I made with Paty in my customs of the Navidad class. Later that night I watched it get smashed by a bunch of excited children. It was worth all the work (6 hours over 3 days) to see them having so much fun!

Happy Winter Solstice!

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