Friday, December 4, 2009

Fiesta numero uno

There was a fiesta last night here in Puerto Escondido.  Not sure what the occasion was, but there was a huge procession crossing the town, they would stop periodically and a group of women dressed in traditional clothes would dance in a big circle, bringing in bystanders to dance.  A mixture of tequila, lime and salt was being freely distributed to all those in the crowd.

A mariachi band traveled with the group, playing at each stop, the musicians dressed in shiny bright green shirts.  At the culmination two large animals made of paper mache and branches and adorned with a complicated fireworks array including Catherine wheels then danced holding the firey creatures above their heads. Bottle rockets fired high in the sky issued tremendous booms.

Some in the crowd carried palm branches adorned with ballons and colored ornaments

The dress of the women was beautifully woven and embroidered with flowers, each a different bright color.  Note the cup in the mouth of the dancer in green, tequila.

I've been enjoying tranquil days on the beach and tonight there is to be another fiesta!


Carol Henderson said...

Wow does that sound peaceful. Days on a warm beach, tequila parties at night. Love your photos.

Garden Girl said...

Puerto was lots of fun but glad to be back in the city where its a little cooler, started school today so getting down to business now ;-)