Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mi Casa en Oaxaca

I have yet to write about my casa here in Oaxaca. I am staying with this fabulous couple named Hermann and Layla. They have been marvelous hosts and I immediately felt welcome and at home with them even though we had never met. They are muy simpatico and have helped me find my way around and we spend evenings on the terrace talking and drinking beer. In fact I am now in a cafĂ© with Hermann sharing a beer and he is patiently waiting for me while I write this post. They’ve taken me to dinner twice and out to Tule to see the big tree. I will be spending Christmas with them and their daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter, it promises to be a big time.

My room is very comfortable with a desk to study at, a sofa to relax on, and a big bathroom all to myself.

My private quarters are separated from the main house by a lovely terrace with tropical flowers, visited regularly by hummingbirds.

There is another terrace above my room from which I bird watch in the morning and I got up early today to catch this sunrise.

Many thanks to my friend Nancy for setting me up in this perfect place!


john alderson said...

supposed to get 20 inches of snow here in DC over the next 36 hrs! Who knows when we'll get home. You chronicles and photos and stories from Oaxaca make me sane. I think of you often whilre reading the Lacuna. Joy

C. Kay said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. That tree is really awesome! Enjoy the rest of your trip, see you on the 27th! Merry Christmas! love Ray & Elaine

Garden Girl said...

Hola Amigos
thanks for your continued support on my journey.
John, enjoy that snow and love to Jackie and M.
ckay- looking forward to sharing a belated xmas dinner with you