Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pie Line-Up

We're about to head over to my Bro's to gorge on turkey and trimmings.  Can't wait to sink my teeth into these golden beauties baked this morning.  Pecan, brown and crisp, lemon, sweet and sour.  All will be topped with whipped cream that came out of the cow this morning, it doesn't get much better than this.

Accept it does get better, I'll have a niece and nephew home from afar to snuggle. Time to go.


Randy Emmitt said...


Sure looks yummy. We'll be out your way tommorrow as we'll stopping in to look around at Camellia Forest. Been by there once and it was closed now thanks to you we'll be maybe getting a few more camellias there.

Garden Girl said...

Hi Randy-
Hope you found some beautiful camellias at the Forest, the hardest part is choosing just one from the many incredible ones that are currently flowering.
Good luck!