Thursday, November 5, 2009

La Luna

Lately the moon has been just amazing.  We were coming back up from a walk along the creek on Monday evening and as we came across the farm the full moon was rising over the dairy, HUGE and golden.  It stopped us in our tracks.  I just  love the way she looks so big when first coming over the horizon.  I was talking with a Spanish speaking friend about the full moon and the fact that the sun is masculine, el sol, the moon feminine, la luna, seems about right to me, the sun so powerful and full of energy, the moon quieter, more tranquil, moodier. 

The past few nights, the light from her has shone so brightly into my bedroom window that its kept me from sleeping very well, and even this morning as I left early to go to a meeting, their she was, still high and bright in the sky, tonight, coming home after dark, she was rising again over the farm, one corner lopped off, waning.

So much wildlife lately too, I think since the time changed I've been driving in after dark and in the past couple of days I've seen a possum, fox, rabbit and 2 deer just on our drive!  Everyone is cruising around in the moonlight looking for something to eat.


Randy Emmitt said...


You said you ate spiced pears and pomegranate at a halloween party, was it at Potluck Farm. If so it was my cooking. Yes the Hillsborough Farmers Market has those eggs.

I had a dear in the yard the other day, not seen many of late.

Garden Girl said...

Hey Randy- it was at a different party- talked with Meg about it today- what a small world.