Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fall Vegetable Parade Continues

The first head of broccoli!  And many more to come, we planted a nine-pack and they are all looking good, I'm glad those on the shadier end of the bed are growing more slowly so they won't all be ready to harvest simultaneously.  This variety should also make side shoots once the main heads are cut, so I hope we'll be picking broccoliettes right up close to Christmas.

Tonight we made soup with chicken broth, broccoli, bok choy, carrots, red peppers and shitake mushrooms all from the garden and seasoned with garlic, ginger and soy, so delicious and easy to prepare.

We were stirred from our slumber at 5:00 this morning by the barking of what we guessed was a fox, rather incessantly, and quite close to the house.  It was so warm yesterday that we had the bedroom window cracked and could really hear the critter.  It stopped eventually and fortunately we were able to fall back to sleep.  Oh those precious hours between the sheets, I hate waking early and not being able to slip back under.


Anonymous said...

your broccoli looks great and its a good thing they ar not growing all at the same time!

lynn'sgarden said...

So cool you've got broccoli to harvest! Amd pretty, too! We've had fox in the neighborhood but I've never heard one bark.

Garden Girl said...

The broccoli is sweet and crisp! I saw both a possum and a fox tonight scurrying across the road as I came in after dark. It's more of a yip really or a scratchy sounding yelp.