Friday, November 13, 2009

Stormy Days

Its been rainy and seriously windy for days thanks to the passing by of Hurrican Ida along our coast.  Almost all the leaves are now down, only the most stubborn of the big oaks are still holding their reddish brown leaves and the beeches, having gone from gold to a warm brown over the past week, will keep their leaves, gradually getting paler and paler over the winter, dry and rustling in the wind until the new buds push them off in spring. 

Looking out my window I can see the hillside on the other side of the wash again, the ground dappled with the brown of leaves and the green of running cedar poaking through, reaching for the sunlight that now makes it all the way to the ground, clumps of christmas fern rise like deep green fountains.  Trunks of trees now visible, the grandads standing stately.

We saw the first golden-crowned kinglets of the season today, early- outside the bedroom in the cedar snag that is a bird magnet in the mornings.  Flocks of titmice, chickadees, cardinals and chipping sparrows were today joined by the kinglets, a hermit thrush, and pine warblers.  Then outside my office window as I was writing a bit later, the Golden-crowned with their black, white and yellow racing striped heads, were again flitting rapidly from branch to branch or hovering as they snapped up tiny bugs from between the leaves.

Tomorrow promises warm and sun, I'm ready.

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