Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Pepper Time

Oh Boy, the peppers really ripened up this week so today we roasted about 15 whole to peel and freeze and I chopped up another 2 quarts to freeze raw for soups etc. this winter.  There will be more and we have already been eating them daily for the past few weeks as they have ripened up.  Having a monster bowl full of sweet red peppers is one of those things that makes gardening worthwhile.  I can't really tally the value, considering we started the plants from seed, raised them 2 months in the house, then in the garden for another two months before they started to bear ripe fruit, we have a fair amount of time invested in them.  But they will put on now until frost and at a couple bucks a piece at the store or market, I guess we probably raise the equivalent of over $150 worth in the end.  Abundance.

We're off to Alaska tomorrow and not a minute too soon. The forecast here is for another week in the 90's and a hurricane is bearing down on the east coast. I am really looking forward to some highs in the 50's and don't even mind that it's supposed to rain.  Haven't seen a drop around here in weeks.

I am not taking the computer - really feeling a need to unplug, so look for a dispatch about the great north country in a couple of weeks.  Adios amigos.

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