Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At The Beach

After an amazing 8 day trip to Alaska, (more on that in a later post perhaps), we spent 3 days watering our parched garden and doing laundry, re-packed our stuff, this time into the car and headed to the beach!  
Last night we celebrated the birthday of my sister-in-law C Kay with this bodacious chocolate cake and amazing lilies grown by another one of my awesome S-I-L's - Betsy.

For dinner we baked this monster piece of grouper with home grown peppers and onions, taters and haricot verts from our garden.  The only downside at the moment is biting black flies forcing us off the beach, but currently folks are reading, playing guitar, making biscuits, chilling.  I think we'll survive the flies.

I'm thinking of heading down for a marathon swim before the seas pick-up.


Anonymous said...


Ha ha hello--my friend, just had her friend, tell her about you and all the cool stuff you do and your blog, and she called me cause she saw me in the photo of us at the Atlanta Bot Garden and she said "Do you know Maria Hitt? I saw you on her blog" So I am now reading your blog which I didn't know about (how's that for a confusing run-on sentence that you probably didn't undertand?) I am being work-you for the week at your house and computer. Funny huh? I like your blog! Have fun at the beach! Luv Kelly

C. Kay said...

A delightful birthday and beaching time! Thanks! xoxockay