Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can't Sleep

I don't want to become one of those folks that can't sleep so they mess on the computer all night long, but here I am.  Been awake since about 3:30 and finally got out of bed around 5, all hope of actually going back to sleep dashed.

We leave Tuesday for vacation in Alaska and I guess I've got lots on my mind to wrap up and take care of before we go.  Blogging at 5:45 am is not one of those items on the list but here I am.  I must say I couldn't be more ready to go away and just get a true vacay as haven't really had one yet this summer and despite the fact that the forecast for where we are going is rain every single day, I'm still pretty excited about seeing someplace so wild and new.

I really wish I was in my bed sleeping.


C. Kay said...

Sounds like you are "journey proud"!.May the cool (rainy) nights in Alaska enable you to sleep peacefully and awaken relaxed and ready for the new day! xo

Garden Girl said...

amen to that!