Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Atlanta Botanical Garden- ACGA Part 2

A highlight of the ACGA conference was a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This is a spectacular garden that shows what cities with money and a big tax and donor base can do if they work at it. There was a canopy walk; a broad steel walkway that wandered through the tree tops, we didn’t get that far but maybe next time. A huge conservatory holds a tropical house and 3 greenhouses of orchids from 3 different climate zones, tropical to mountain.
There were rare frogs that looked like jewels, water gardens and various plant collections. Colorful glass sculptures by the artist Dale Chilhuly adorned fountains and pools.

They used walls for plantings in several areas, an interesting concept for creating greenspace in narrow or small areas.  Here is an herb wall growing in the edible gardens.

The ACGA sponsored the evening visit, so we had the whole park to ourselves. There was a showing of the film Dirt, an interesting documentary about the soul of soil and how we are degrading the planet by letting our dirt slip away. It was discouraging but also had a hopeful ending, if we will all work to preserve land, and treat dirt as an important component of life on the planet as we know it, instead of just letting it wash down into rivers and blow away, creating deserts and polluting the air and oceans.
Here I am with Kelly in one entrance to the Japanese garden

Home for 3 days now and finally starting to feel back to normal, the go, go, go of Atlanta and the conference took its toll and left me feeling pretty tapped out. I decided this morning I might be suffering from a reverse form of SAD; Seasonal Affect Disorder, a depression normally brought on by short days and the lack of sunshine, I think I’m down from the hot days and lack of energy and/or desire to do anything outside….

There is hope- I see the forecast has highs in the 80’s for next week, perhaps we will see a break from the relentless series of 90 degree days, today made the 61st day over 90 degrees we have experienced this summer. All I can say is-Phew.

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