Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The word is out "Maria and David's fig tree is ready for picking!"  Every varmint within a couple of miles of the house seems to have discovered our bounty.  First we trapped a little possum, took him down the road a ways.  Next we caught this baby raccon.  We realized this is a losing battle and started to feel bad about uprooting these teenagers from their families and neighborhoods just because they knew a good thing when they smelled it.  Besides, we seem to have a surplus of figs and can't really keep up with the crop.  I need to make jam but haven't had time so we decided to just quit our trapping and share the wealth.
This little one was mighty happy to be set free!


Randy Emmitt said...

Must have a lot of figs over there or they just like you and want to visit "during fig season". I just finished a job in Durham where they have figs that get 2 plus inches around when ripe, never seen such big figs.

Garden Girl said...

I've heard tell of big figs in NC, don't know if they are Mission figs like the ones they grow in CA or not, you should find out what variety they are or see if you could dig up a rooted branch...